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Bolyai János Research scholarship from the HAS to János Brunner. Congratulation!

Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarship to Endre Marosi, Congratulation!

ERC Consolidator grant! official:, or in the news: – 2016, Dec 14: “Az idegsejtek dendritjei analóg/digitális hibrid jeleket használnak


2018 – 2023


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2017 – 2018



LOGO_Wellcome          2009 – 2017



     LOGO_MTA-lendulet 2009 – 2014

Host institute: the KOKI – Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The laboratory started its operation in July 1st 2009 after a new young investigator position was created by the institute with the support of the Network of the European Neuroscience Institutes (ENI-Network). The current projects of the laboratory are funded by the Wellcome Trust, by the “Momentum” Young Investigator Program from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and by the Hungarian Brain Research Program.