New Open Positions

Neurophysiologist position

We are currently looking for candidates for a postdoc or PhD student position, who will investigate the electrical signaling in small axons in the dentate gyrus region relying on her/his previous experiences with electrophysiology and/or imaging methods.

The successful candidate is expected to have extensive experience with either in vitro patch clamp recordings or with voltage- or calcium sensitive dye imaging methods, which will be further improved to investigate these previously inaccessible but fundamental neuronal structures. Therefore, in addition to the good experimental skills, strong determination and meticulous working attitude are the most important personal qualifications.

The position will be available from August 2018 and it is supported from an ERC grant. Albeit the position is primarily for postdoctoral fellows, applications from potential PhD students are also welcomed if the candidate has a strong background and knowledge with the specific methods. For further information and for submitting an application please contact János Szabadics.


Additional positions

In addition , we always invite applications for PhD or Postdoc positions from motivated aspirants with previous experiences with anatomical, patch clamp electrophysiology, or single cell calcium- and voltage-imaging methods. Please send your CV and a short letter describing your motivation for working with us to János Szabadics.